Raspberry Ketone Premium – Doct...

My Patients Love Raspberry Ketone Premium  I actually learned about Raspberry Ketone Premium, from one of my patients. We had been discussing dieting for a while now and this patient has lost a lot of weight and looked great. Her blood pressure was under control and the latest cholesterol levels were “within range.” The diet plans and exercis [...]

What is Assisted Living?

As people age and have a decline in their health, they may need assistance in performing some of their normal daily activities.  Retirees who still want to live in a social environment, but do not want to worry about home maintenance, and want assisted care available if needed, may find that an assisted living community may be the right place [...]

Vacation, a check-list for Staying Sa...

You have thought of everything:  secured your home and pet; left a copy of your itinerary and contact details with your parents or friend; and scheduled your bank transactions while you are away. It is now time to run through your vacation check-list (more…)

Waking Up on Time for Work and Relaxa...

Some of us are morning people and others are not.  This article is for the “are not” folks who wish they were morning people. There are many good reasons to become a morning person. (more…)